One great resource from the iTunes Store is the comprehensive collection of podcasted lectures, lab demonstrations, language lessons, movies, panel discussions, and more available from iTunes U. There are now over 150,000 free audio and video files available to anyone in the world, including K–12 teachers and students. iTunes U content comes from over 130 colleges and universities, state departments of education, and other education content providers, is provided for free, and includes content for both Higher Education and K-12 audiences. For example, you can view and listen to speeches, interviews, technology tutorials, science movies, news reports, art lessons, and professional development resources of interest to a broad range of audiences. The Beyond Campus section of iTunes U includes professionally-created content from providers such as PBS, NPR, and American Public Media, as well as from museums, such as the Smithsonian, The New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Museum, and many more. You can download and play iTunes U content on a computer or transfer it to iPod touch.

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